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Thirty Days and Counting Down Before Roadtripping!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Wow. It has been a most unusual and trying time since I last sat down and illuminated the dark recesses my mind and the often chaotic moments of my life. Certainly the thought has been there, the desire has been there, the need became more and more palpable as time went on, but alas I felt I wasn't ready. Felt I didn't really have any stimulating adventures to put to paper and honestly got caught up in the day-to-day of life.

A few months ago I was working on Pensacola Beach and as we were heading off the island for mutual aid to a structure fire, I noticed a Mercedes Sprinter camper van parked at mom's beach (family friendly beach area on the bay side of the island) that immediately caught my eye as I still toy with the idea of a four year road trip across the US. They had the statement that I now try to live my life by scripted across the back window: Live While You're Alive.

Live While You're Alive. It's such a simple statement the embodies my entire view on life, yet I had never put the words together. That unexpected find made my grin like a Cheshire Cat! My grandfather used to say that a good bit and I can't help but smile and think of him when I say it now. I have embraced that statement so strongly that I created an amazing and awesomely cool sticker that will surely stir envy in your friends and people you pass on the road trip of life 😉

It is that very thought that inspired me to finally head over to Providence Canyon in southwest Georgia just days after we both got over Covid. Worst part of my having Covid was I couldn't taste or smell coffee for about two weeks. I drink a lot of coffee and that drove me nuts, but no political discussions here 😶. Terri was still feeling a little crappy which kept her from exploring and the unexpected cold night caused some issues so we headed home earlier.

I had to move the plans I mentioned in the Upcoming Trips page a few times from the original date and have finally landed on starting that adventure on April 26th. In the spirit of Live While You're Alive I once again found myself on Google Maps this morning playing around and decided to extend that trip in both distance and time so it will now be a two location trip. As I hate keeping secrets from you guys as I feel it interferes with my writing I love keeping secrets from Terri 😀, and since she reads this blog by default I have to keep my mouth shut.

This will be a short trip as the house remodel is moving into the next phase and by mid-summer we will be ripping out the cabinets and moving forward. Sadly I have to get back to work and refill the coffers for the remodel and the monster trip to Scandinavia in January '22. As it turns out Terri will meet up with dad and I in Stockholm on my birthday after he and I finish our leg of the trip and we will head off together for the second leg.

Just some random thoughts this afternoon, but there is more to come.

Well you can blame fatigue, lack of caffeine, or just a thought that maybe cluing Terri in on some parts of the upcoming adventure might make it more enjoyable for her but I told her a few days ago that we are headed to Key West! It has been far too long since I've tromped around my future home 😉 and was time to go back. As she has never been you can imagine that she was excited. She spent the evening digging around online looking at places she might be interested in and the menus at Seven Fish, Conch Island Seafood Company, and BO's Fish Wagon. I am holding few restaurants and activities in secret as I can't give away all of the surprises.

Moved the car rental up a bit and we will be leaving early morning on April the 20th and heading to Homestead to get a jump on the next day. If you've never driven off the mainland of Florida and enjoyed the Overseas Highway to Key West then you're missing out, but you must make your first few trips in the day time. There is so much to see and do along the journey you would do a disservice to yourself to miss it by driving at night.

We've rented a 30' sailboat on the hook for the week we will be there and I so look forward to sleeping with the gentle rock of a boat as it too has been for too long. Granted I would prefer to be in the slip at A and B Marina for the convenience factor, but kayaking back and forth would be another level of adventure. I say but please realize that we will be partaking of some libations during this journey and after Ubering back to boat will be kayaking out slightly buzzed and in the dark 😳😂

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