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Today is the Day

Well, in just a few hours I will be getting on a plane and headed to Europe for 30 days. This trip has been in the making for about six months or so and I cannot believe it is almost time. France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy are on the map. Going to be an adventure of a lifetime.

Terri is joining me in this adventure and I'm honestly excited about that. I love traveling alone, but there is so much for her to see I feel I'll feed off of her enthusiasm and it will be great for both of us.

I'm hopeful that I will finally find time within my head to slowdown and write. I've been so hyper-focused on setting retirement that I've let a lot of stuff be relegated to the backseat, the trunk is my accurate, and just use the relentless hours as an excuse I've come to believe.

This is actually the first time I've ever sat down with my phone to write and since I'm taking the Mac perhaps this is the key?

Write or not I've come to miss posting pictures for you guys since Instagram has gone commercial, like everything else, so I'm hopefully to at least post pictures of this adventure here.

Stayed tuned.

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