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Mini Adventures of Fall and Winter

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

As much as reality is trying to reign in my mind the thought of not doing what I enjoy, not trying to do my absolute best to live by the adopted motto of Live While You're Alive, makes me sad. I will grind more overtime, work more shift swaps, crunch somewhere else in life, I simply must roam and enjoy this one ride we are all on.

In that spirit I have found some regional events between now and hopefully getting on a plane in January. Terri and I are in the wind again in the middle of October for a few events the shall remain secret from you and her. We are however making another run at the Roan Highlands of North Carolina. This place popped on my radar a few years ago and I have been unable to make it on three separate trips due to hot weather. Well, as the highest point on the Appalachian Trail, I imagine the weather will be perfect in mid-October. 😀

My senior guy at the firehouse, Tim, went last November and by all accounts had a great time. We were talking about that trip the other day and I just happened to check Roan Mountain State Park campground and saw it quickly filling up with "leafers" and that there was one riverside campsite left. Serendipitous I would say. I quickly grabbed the spot and then started figuring out the details.

We will arrive Monday October 17th and have the entire week camping by the river in the mountains of North Carolina! To return home makes me incredibly happy, to be there in October will be perfect.

With any luck we will catch leaf change again, yes I know this makes me a "leafer" but I am OK with that title. I will certainly spend sometime behind the lens and try and capture some of what we see.

Since it is unlikely we will see snow on this journey we will be returning to the region in December as there is something I've tried to do twice without success occurring close by and that's enough reason for me to travel 😉. The December trip will be a little geographically diverse and promises to be a whirlwind of a mini-adventure

Stay tuned as there is more verbal vomit and pretty pictures to come.

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