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Golden Hour and Walkabouts

Updated: May 27, 2021

So I've been working on remodeling my house for what seems like years and now that the kitchen remodel start date has been set I find myself a slave to the time clock. I've been pulling 108 hour work weeks for several weeks now and won't stop for a few more weeks. To say I am tired is an absolute understatement. The grind is necessary right now but the effect it is having on my body and soul is challenging. Soon though it will all be worth it.

In the meantime I have found a respite twice a day in what is known as the golden hour in photography. It is the most magical time of day just after sunrise and just before sunset when the light is just a touch softer, the sky just a shade redder, the temperature is just perfect, the winds just the faintest of touch on your skin. It is pure magic. Photography has only become an interest in the last several years and that is when I learned of golden hour, though I've always enjoyed the time frame without knowledge of its name, and now find myself most of the time without my camera. Just to reconnect with nature, if only a passing pelican skimming across the Gulf or the most delicate of flowers growing through the cracks of man, has been enough to sustain my soul through this tiring and troublesome time.

Yesterday I was working overtime out on Perdido Key and intentionally left the house early so that I could walk along the beach during golden hour. As I strolled along the shore in the same spot I met Kenny Chesney years ago, while doing the same thing, I was enjoying Jack Johnson and the serenity that dawn has to offer. My timing was slightly off but was able to capture a shot or two of the first day.

The shift was everything it needed to be. Working as much as I do I tend to see a large amount of chaos and destruction. The 24 hours at Perdido Key was everything that my body and soul needed. As luck would have it I was able to take a post breakfast nap, a post lunch nap, and then an elongated post dinner nap 😉. Recharged for now.

This morning I packed early to go to my firehouse for my normal shift and headed back across the sand dunes at a better time to fully enjoy golden hour. Mother Nature didn't disappoint thankfully.

Thankfully I was wearing my combat Crocs and was able to get in the water for this one 😂

Twenty three seconds of serenity for you. Speakers on.

I've also started to incorporate roaming where I can to exercise the brain while on foot. I've always enjoyed exploring cities and intentionally get lost in them as I tend to find more interesting things to see and places to eat when off of the beaten path. I've explored my home town more than an other city I've been in obviously and found an opportunity to do so again last week. Making the conscious choice to park many blocks away from my destination and roaming through downtown was nice.

Returning to travel in a few weeks for just two days, but its a start. The kitchen remodel will be in full swing on July 12th and there is so, so much to do before then. A quick overnight trip will be just the ticket to reset from working more than anyone should.

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