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A Week in the Clouds of Cloudland Canyon

Clouldland Canyon State Park is one of the random places I have known of for many years but have never been to. Though it is not too far from home it seems I am always going through the area on my way to somewhere else and the itch to stop just hasn't been strong enough. Well, this Sunday morning that all changes and we are headed north to spend seven days roaming the area.

Originally this was coming together as a two week roam about but unfortunately there is a required course I have to have for work so the trip sadly became shorter. We have five nights in Clouldland Canyon and two nights without itinerary at the end if the mood strikes to roam freely.

Th canyon itself is 1000' feet deep and there are some remarkable photos of the place floating around out there. The hope is to catch some amazing sunrise/sunset pictures, but sadly the lunar cycle is not right to try my hand at astralphotogrpahy again.

We will finish packing when I leave the firehouse in just a few hours and then one OT shift on Saturday and we are in the wind Sunday morning. Stay tuned.

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